Student FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for students

What is this initiative? 

We are students (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc.) who want to help health care providers in the Atlanta area with temporary urgent household needs while they perform essential clinical duties during COVID-19.

Who is organizing? 

We are a group of medical students from Emory University School of Medicine looking for ways to link our student community to those healthcare families who are seeking help. However, this is NOT an official Emory University School of Medicine activity, nor is it in any way sponosored by Emory University School of Medicine. 

How does this work?

You will fill out the form here, including a signed contract and a picture of your school ID. Within 24 hours, we will send you instructions on how to access the request calendars. After making your account, you can go to the babysitting calendar, pet sitting, or errands calendar, click on an available request, and select “New Booking.” Once you enter your information and the booking is confirmed, you will contact the HCW via their preferred method. Please contact if you have any issues with the scheduling process or changes in your schedule.

Will I be monetarily compensated for my time?

We are asking that you offer services on a voluntary basis and do not expect compensation, as we want to lessen the burden for those on the front lines of healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What if I get paired with a family and their requests are outside of my comfort zone or the hours are too much for me to handle at this moment? 

If you are facing difficulties or requests that are beyond your scope, please reach out to the student coordinators at and we will work with you and the family to come up with a plan that works for everyone. We value your health and well-being at the utmost. 

What is the time commitment needed?

Any time you are able to contribute is incredibly appreciated. There is no minimum or maximum time limit for volunteering. Our families will surely appreciate any and all help that you can provide them. Please remember to take care of yourself first during this time!

Can I babysit if my state is under “shelter in place?”

Yes. Babysitters caring for a child in the child’s own home can continue working if they are supporting a worker in an essential sector. However, please know that this is completely voluntary and you should feel no undue pressure to participate in this volunteer activity.

What professional behavior can be expected of me as a volunteer?

We expect our student volunteers to be:

  • On-time to their volunteering hours, or communicating about missing/canceling as far ahead of time as possible.
  • Appropriate in language and behavior, such as:
    • Using language that would be acceptable in a classroom setting
    • Not committing physical harm
    • Not committing emotional or psychological harm
  • Respectful of your home and its privacy rules, such as:
    • Not exposing family information, including names, occupation, and address, to others
    • Not taking or posting pictures of children and property without explicit, written parental permission that has also been communicated to ATL COVIDsitters
    • Not violating the commitment to providing a voluntary service by stealing or harassing healthcare workers for compensation
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