Pharmacy Packing

Help with the mail order pharmacy initiative

Goal: Limit unnecessary exposure to at-risk patients by having them sign up for medication delivery rather than pharmacy pick-up.


  • Grady Badge
  • ESOM students should be the only ones considered. There are still a handful more pharmacy spots that need to be filled in the weekly schedule. 


  1. Call the patient (or leave a voicemail)
  2. Confirm the system has the correct mailing address 
  3. Then convince patients to switch to mail-delivery for their medications. 
    1. An additional goal is to get patients to sign up for the Health-Well grant to have their medication delivery copays covered moving forward. 

Volunteers who are interested can sign up by reaching out to The available time slots are 10:30-1:30PM and 1-4PM on weekdays at the listed pharmacy locations.

Volunteers should be directed to email Mary Katherine Cheeley who is in charge of this program: (cell: 404-333-8101). She will be able to help answer any questions they might have and show them how to use the RX30 pharmacy software. 

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