Healthcare Worker Assistance

ATL Covid Sitters, LLC

Information for student volunteers can be found here. If you are a family looking for babysitting help, please see this page

Recognizing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on households in the Atlanta community, Emory medical students hope to assist the fearless providers serving on the front lines of healthcare, especially those facing increased stress due to demand of coronavirus patient care. We are working diligently to make an initiative that meets the needs of healthcare workers and the community.

Any student (not just medical students) with a valid student ID currently residing in the Atlanta area is eligible to help. You must be up-to-date on all vaccinations, agree to comply with CDC COVID-19 guidelines, and agree to maintain confidentiality of any and all families you babysit for. We hope that students will consider volunteering for families that would benefit from voluntary babysitting, however families who are able and willing are allowed to compensate students for their time. This must be agreed upon independently between the sitter and family.

Instructions for sitters

  1. To protect all parties involved, students must fill out a liability waiver and submit a photo of their institutional ID badge so we can verify their current student status.
  2. A student organizer from ATL Covid Sitters, LLC will send you instructions on how to access the SuperSaaS babysitting calendar. Please give us 24 hours to approve your account and give you access to make calendar requests.
  3. You can then make a SuperSaaS account and click on a babysitting event to sign up to babysit. Once you have signed up, please reach out within 24 hours to the primary contact on the request.
  4. If you are unable to babysit or other issues or questions arise, please email ASAP. Please do not find another volunteer on your own with consulting us first.

LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) Guidelines

The LCME has OK’d this initiative with the following stipulations:

  • This program is entirely voluntary and student driven. While the administration is aware of the initiative, these services are not endorsed by, or provided in association with, Emory University School of Medicine or Emory University.
  • Providers may provide compensation to students at their own discretion, but this system is set up as voluntary.
  • ALL SHIFTS MUST BE LOGGED. This is a must, as medical students may not rotate on medical services with providers for whom they have worked.
  • Students may not take care of more than one family of children, as those services would fall under “licensed childcare.”
  • All parties must consider the risks of infectious exposure inherent in providing these services, and are encouraged to follow CDC Guidelines for protection. We are asking students who have recently been in the ICU or ED to not participate in this initiative for at least 2 weeks to reduce the chance of exposure.

Please note that while these LCME guidelines apply to medical students only, we ask that all students and families log their shifts and follow CDC guidelines to the best of their abilities.

We urge HCWs and the student they work with to be fully transparent about the needs of the HCW and the risks involved with these services. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Please give us 24 hours to respond.

For any concerns or questions, please reach out to us at

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