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COVID-19 Response

Our Mission

This is an evolving project woven together by students and faculty to share support during these trying times.  We aim to centralize and streamline the overwhelming number of resources available, in order to ease the challenging but important process of social distancing. We hope this will eventually serve as a framework to foster solidarity and resilience within our community, beyond the current public health crisis.



Student volunteers are here to help healthcare workers with babysitting!

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Explore how you can help those impacted by COVID-19.


Stay up to date with curricular changes and discover class-specific resources.

Wellness & Mental Health Resources

Find resources to help you care for your physical & mental health.

COVID-19 Updates

Learn about the latest COVID-19 information from reliable resources.

To see how medical students are responding across the country, check out this interactive map.

Thank you to our deans and administrators for supporting the mission of this student group. This site does not reflect the official views of the university.

If you are interested in getting involved, or if you would like to add a relevant resource to this site, please reach out via our email: ATLStudentCOVIDResponse@gmail.com