55-Word Stories

The format of 55-word stories helps us focus on a poignant moment or memory, and provides a framework for sharing these important slices of life. 

We invite you to share your experiences, reflections, anxieties and hopes during this challenging time. By sharing how COVID-19 has impacted you and those you work with, you will enhance the community of healthcare providers and increase solidarity as we navigate the uncertainty ahead. We also hope that this exercise inspires you to regularly practice reflection and creativity in the future, even once the dust settles. Thank you for participating and for the important work that you do.

How to begin

1. Focus on something that keeps coming to mind for you, could be a patient story, a cancelled event, a fear, a celebration, a moment with a colleague.

2. Quickly write down everything that comes to your mind, mixing fact, fantasy, supposition, if you like.

3. Your story should be much too long

4. Then start cutting. Take away the less interesting, the unnecessary. Try to make one word do for two. Try to make information known without saying it in so many words. 

We will identify ways to share stories in our community. With this in mind, avoid using names or specific identifiers in your stories. 

Please submit your stories here

Instructions adapted from Sheetz, A and Fry, M The Stories, JAMA 2000 Vol 283(15)1934

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