Increase in Xenophobia and Racism Towards Asian/ Asian Americans

What’s happening with COVID-19 and the Asian/ Asian American community? 

Why is addressing the current trend in racism towards Asian/ Asian Americans important?

  • Xenophobic rhetoric, racism, and violence are not only detrimental to the psychological wellbeing of the 20+ million Asian Americans in the United States–they also fuel the anxiety we as a nation are experiencing due to the current crisis. This is a time when our diverse communities should be working together to support one another, not be divided with fear and hatred.  
  • It is potentially a major public health issue.
    • Stigma tied with coronavirus makes it less likely for victims of xenophobia to seek safety precautions/appropriate healthcare, which can negatively impact the community’s health and make it more likely for the virus to spread.

Racism can lead to misguided safety measures whereby people focus their attention on avoiding a targeted group of people instead of taking appropriate prevention measures in general.

Resources for Asian/ Asian Americans

Anti-Racism Interventions for Bystanders

Here are helpful resources on how to respond if you witness a racist attack:

Other Resources

Harvard Medical School has created a learning module that includes information about the various vulnerable populations affected by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Language barriers are also important to address so that all communities can have accurate information on COVID-19. Below are COVID-19 resources for many different languages: 

We want to acknowledge that while these are unprecedented times, the racism experienced by the Asian American community is in no way a new phenomenon. It arises from pre-existing anti-Asian sentiments, along with systemic racism that has been felt even more acutely by other minority groups. This underlying systemic racism in the US has also manifested in other ways, as seen, for example, in the significant health disparities seen in the African American community. As we ask for support and solidarity for Asian Americans, it is important for everyone to understand how the current crisis sheds light on issues that disproportionately affect vulnerable communities. This conversation is important both during and after this pandemic, as we work to build a cohesive community that is united against prejudice of any kind.

We hope the following resources are helpful as we continue to engage in this conversation:

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