Blood Donation

Find a local drive to donate blood today.

Those interested in volunteering, please sign up via this google sheet (NOT SuperSaas).  As always, those interested in donations should sign up on the Red Cross’ website.  Each drive has a different ability to accommodate walk-ins, so at this time I am unable to provide any firm answer about walk-ins at these drives.  The best way to be certain is to schedule an appointment, but those unable to do so may travel to the drive on the day of (while maintaining social distancing) to ask about walk-ins.

Though Governor Kemp issued a statewide shelter-in-place order, blood donation operations (including donors and volunteers) are currently considered essential activities. In order to ensure no issues with allowance to travel to these opportunities, please carry your Emory ID with you at all times during transit.  Anyone with any questions pertaining to our allowance to transit to these events should contact Angela Adams,, from the Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response.

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