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Project Open Hand is a non-profit that has been delivering fresh meals to the underprivileged, elderly, disabled and chronically ill in Atlanta for over 30 years. Given the recent circumstances of the COVID pandemic, Project Open Hand’s service to the community is needed now more than ever. 

Open Hand is most in need of drivers who can deliver meals, so you will need a car for this opportunity. 

Open Hand needs volunteers who are willing to deliver meals to clients especially on their high volume days Wednesday and Thursday.

​Sign up

Sign up to be a driver here. You will need to make an account first. It will be linked to your email, so you can receive updates from the Open Hand volunteer staff. You can also go through the SuperSaas calender.  

You can sign up with a friend to help navigate around the city. However, only drivers need to sign up for a volunteer spot online. You will both be given waivers when you arrive at the Open Hand site for your shift. 

The majority of available spots seem to be the On-Call option. I recommend signing up far in advance since their spots fill up quickly. They claimed to be in high demand for volunteers from Mid-April to May, so if you are On-Call you will very likely get called in. They will most likely call you the week of and, sometimes, the day of your On-Call sign up to ask if you are still available. Make sure your phone is available on the day you sign up so you do not miss your volunteer spot. 

Before arriving on your day 

Before arriving at your time slot, Open Hand has some specific requirements they want volunteers to complete before delivering meals. These requirements can be found on this google checklist.

NEW CHECK-IN LOCATION: 176 Ottley Drive Northeast Atlanta, GA 30324

Email an image of your driver’s license and insurance to this email:

Watch the training video (11 mins)

Finally, 15 min prior to arriving at your scheduled volunteer time text the Open Hand text line to confirm your attendance: 678-306-6649 

If you have a class or some other obligation you can email: and let them know that you will arrive later than your volunteer spot specifies. 

Volunteering specifics

Your role as a volunteer will be delivering meals to the client’s front door. Project Open Hand has new guidelines on delivery to limit risks for exposure and keep their clients and volunteers safe. Here are some logistical details for trips:

You are considered essential personnel and are allowed to be driving during Atlanta’s shelter and place. (Open Hand is an official GEMA agency associated with meals on wheels) 

You are allowed to volunteer with another friend to assist in navigating (they will also sign the waiver at check-in) 

Average route~ 20-30 miles

Average timespan: ~2.5 hours 

Package size: large box (contains 10-12 boxes for 10-12 clients) – so larger cars/trunk space is recommended

Provided with gloves (but bring your own sanitizer). 

Due to COVID if delivering to an apartment/high-rise you may not be let in the building. You will be given a letter of intent and need your license as proof of identification if there is a security guard at the building. Always call your clients 15 min prior to arriving so they can give you any special instructions you may need regarding delivery.

DWW (drop, wait, wave) instructions on giving meals to clients and limiting exposure seen in the image attached to the email. 

Call your clients when you are en route to get drop-off specific instructions. Make sure to call again when you arrive and then knock on their door, even if they do not answer their phone. 

Bringing a phone charger wouldn’t hurt 

Thank you for taking the time to read the email. Please reach out to me or if you have any further questions or concerns. 

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